Day 19; #60happydays

Finally, after a loooooooong and frustrating wait we finally managed to clear internship with the hospital and ministry AND board!

Well things at the hospital is what delayed the whole process, I met some very irritating staff who seemed like they were doing me a favour and not there job, and obviously the sup was so busy that it took him a week to get round to signing our documents, but the people we met on our last day were very sweet. They were so polite, smiled, and wished us luck!

Things after the hospital were smooth sailing, well except for one tiny hitch of a payment issue, but thank god for family and family like friends that got sorted without giving me much of a heart attack.

After that, celebratory times were awesome with a chilled afternoon, fully relaxed with the best friend.

All in all a happy day and many moments but the release letter takes the cake! (ooh cake! 🤔)