Day 42: ​​#60happydays

Now-a-days whenever I have milkshake (which isn’t that often) I usually have the cappuccino milkshake.

Recently though, while I was experiencing the most dreadful days a girl can experience every month (on my chums), I couldn’t even move, the pain had me in a death grip and only allowed me to breathe periodically, even drugs didn’t help (I mean the doctor prescribed type drugs).

So when my family went for the usual coffee excursions we have every weekend, they brought me my long time and all time favourite vanilla milkshake! It was a welcome surprise amidst all the torture my uterus was giving me!


Day 30; #60happydays

It’s labour day and an extra day of the weekend! Obviously spent it with my loved ones, my family. We cherish these moments we spend together, we love them, we connect, we share, we laugh.

Most often I have my patent warm drink vanilla latte or patent cold drink half a cappuccino milkshake, but today I was more excited to have vanilla ice cream. Why you ask!?


1. I had been craving ice cream for a while now.

2. The weather (not as expected) was very warm!

3. The taste of vanilla is refreshing.

4. I could order only 1 scoop which is my perfect size usually

Although half way through I felt I had too much sweet I thoroughly enjoyed myself.. I think good company was a major contributing factor.