Day 19: Summertime


Summer usually brings with it a lot of sunshine and happiness. When u think of summer, so many things come to mind, summer holidays, beaches, swimming, sun screen, ice cream, the sun and so many more. 🏖

Where I live, we don’t follow the usual wether patterns, a big part of our year is monsoon 🌧 and we don’t have winters with snow (it can get quite chilly though). 💨
Being near the equator summers or the warmer part of the year can get quite unbearable but lucky for me, my city being on a hill has given us some relief. 🌤

For me, as a kid especially, summer was defined by swimming! I would spend any possible time in chlorinated water. Of course I did have my sunscreens and ice creams but all of it was by the pool. I loved just splashing around and underwater tumble turns. 🏊🏼

Being older now, seasons come and go with a change of my style in clothing 😉


Day 13: Reminds you of Childhood


When I think of childhood, a lot of things come to my mind, school, studies, sports, elocution, music but one of the most integral part which is very dear to me is swimming.

My childhood revolved around swimming, my school revolved around it, my extra curricular activities revolved around it, my shopping revolved around it, my eating revolved around it, my holidays revolved around it.
Basically my life was one big swimming pool!

Swimming has taught me a lot of things and I’m glad I had that experience as a child because it makes me the person I am today:

1. Respect. The water (or any element for that matter) can save, as much as it can kill.

2. Nothing is impossible. Water makes you feel like you are floating on the clouds.

3. Push your limit. However many times I beat my record I knew if I trained harder I could beat it again.

4. Appreciation. No matter how good you are, there is always someone better.

5. Strength in unity. Most of my records have been in the relay races.

6. Confidence. Your training is yours and no can take that away.

7. No pain, No gain. Your muscles may be sore for weeks but you can’t move on without it.

8. Passion. It taught me how love something without fear.

9. Pride. The outcome of good performances are well earned.

10. Fun. A little fun hurt nobody!

It broke my heart to leave this sport when academics took the front seat in my life. I may always regret that decision because my reason right now doesn’t seem big enough, but swimming has never left my heart.
I will always be a swimmer!

Day 45: ​​#60happydays

Swimming is my favourite sport. Something about being in the water makes me feel alive. It’s the most amazing element.. Chlorinated Water!

The ocean doesn’t do me so well but a swimming pool, gosh, is the most amazing creation of man kind.

Well this happy moment isn’t so much about the sport of swimming as it is about getting a good deal for a gym (not the state of the art kind) and pool (medium size) membership right near my home, I was delighted!

What used to upset me about swimming was that the pool was too far away and I would eventually get very little time to actually swim. Amongst traffic that could kill you I would be reluctant to take my chances for a dip in the pool.
This place is like my back yard.. Convenient, cozy and not to crowded, just perfect. I wasn’t even asking for much and found a simple and affordable place.

Day 22; #60 happy days

Day 2 of Zanzibar Tour!

We got up early to catch the sunrise but alas the cloud covered the horizon like a blanket only giving us a peek of its hue!

It was amazing all the same! The beach looking divine!

We managed to get some great pictures and decided to show our excitement in them.
It’s such a great feeling to get the photo you think of and that’s exactly what happened, we felt like we were flying!

The whole day was spent on the beach, in the pool and feeding our hungry stomachs!

I feel so happy!

Day 21; #60happydays

Day 1 of Zanzibar tour! Too much happening!

6:33am: Packed and ready to leave to the airport for a 9:30am flight. Managed to finish packing in the night, thankfully, so no major issues and managed to flow with the morning rituals naturally!
7:24am: Arrived at the airport terminal 2 with all the girlies! A very tiny tent like terminal.. Not my usual experience but fun all the same because I think I was on an adrenaline high. We were infact to early for check in so had some coffee to waste some time!
9:15am: Finished with our photo sessions and waiting at gate number 6. As time passes no one is calling us to board and we start to panic a little (quite a lot actually). We frantically start to run around looking for a staff member to take us to the plane! We even see our airline boarding passenger and just assume it’s another flight because frankly if it was ours why wouldn’t they be taking us but turns out it was our plane and they didn’t even know we existed!

We managed to board though! Phew! Close one!
1:03pm: Having lunch in Zanzibar from a beautifully spread buffet and chatting with my girls about the funny travelling stories we made on our way over and how we can’t wait to swim!
6:41pm: After walks on the beach, swimming in two different pools, some bonding time, tea and cake, some horrific photos of my hair and some gorgeous photos of the sea/beach we dragged ourselves up on the long path to our rooms and dressed up for dinner!

p.s I like this kind of life!
11:00pm: We stuffed ourselves up to the neck with dinner! Took so many photos because we were glad our hairs didn’t look like a broom and faces didn’t look like we were run over by a truck, and crashed into bed to catch the sunrise for some more moments to capture.
Goodnight! I’m so happy!