Day 60: #60happydays

Today was perfect sisters happy birthday. In my country, this day is always a public holiday, so naturally we were all up till 12:00am to wish and hand over a personal message birthday card.

Little did she know we (super dad, super mum and me) had planned a scavenger hunt the next morning for which she had to be kept outside the house for a while so I could set it up which brought its own set of troubles – but we managed.
She had a fun time with the clues and some funny incidents later managed to finish it with a glowing smile on her face. We all were trilled she enjoyed it.

Later spent the day with yummy italian lunch, a long long bread butter kind of long drive and a soothing cool coffee – all with family.
All in all a gorgeous day ☺️


Day 56: ​​#60happydays

Today my photo challenge and happy moment was connected. With the theme being ‘landscape’ and today being a Saturday – my super really took the task by its horns.

He didn’t leave and stone unturned, any valley unexplored or any building without focus. If it wasn’t for super dad we (my perfect sister and I) would never have managed such amazing clicks. He really is our superhero.

How that not be my happy moment. He drove us around the highs and lows of the city without an ounce of frustration and completely involved in the task and made a daunting piece of work very sweet and simple and enjoyable.

Day 47: ​​#60happydays

My super dad loves cooking, and he’s pretty amazing. I love what he cooks! I think it compliments his (and my) love for food!

His only wish is, I cook something for him, especially me, not anyone else, just me (Iv still got to understand why 🤔). I run away from cooking like a mouse from a cat, it’s not that I don’t know how to, I mean with internet I pretty much manage what I want to, but I don’t feel any relaxation from cooking which my super dad keeps insisting I should feel.

But today, since my mum has what feels like the exam of a lifetime, n I’m sort of like on a break I cooked for my granny and kept a little leftover for my dad.

When I served my dad what I cooked, he was delighted, he was so happy he wondered what did he do to deserve these blessings (he can be a bit dramatic sometimes, I think I take after after him) 🙃
Seeing his happy face made me feel a little glow in my heart.