Day 57: ​​#60happydays

Today was family lunch outing day. I look forward to this day a lot. I love sitting around a table with my folks and enjoying a good bite.

Today we went to a food court where every one could choose their own favourites – including cuisine.

I choose the mouth watering ‘chole bhature’ (chick pea curry with fried white flour bread). An absolute delicacy in India, almost every kids favourite (including mine – yes I like thinking of myself as a kid most of the time). Usually my first choice is always pizza but iv managed to have that twice in the week so I decided to treat my taste buds to another favourite (which incidentally I haven’t had in a while).


Day 8: #60happydays

Great day today with family. We chatted, we bonded, we shopped, we ate, but sometimes the simplest thing is your moment.

That moment you feel everything is right, it’s all going to be okie, I’m gonna travel to slumberland into a different world and imagine the unimaginable.

I think it’s more special today was because for some reason i’v been tired since I woke up, u know it’s just one of those days.

So off to la la land I go on my favourite red cushion. 💤