Day 53: ​​#60happydays

I spent the whole day at home today, it was amazing. I love home so much I never want to leave. There are these posts going around on Facebook saying…

“Stay in your room, Don’t leave the house, Finish all your food… All my childhood punishments have become adult hobbies!”

Well I must say I 2000% agree with that! My favourite hobby is sleeping, I wish it was more productive than just mental peace!

The only thing was, everyone at home was out so I was alone, which I more than enjoyed but as the day was ending I just felt bored, don’t get me wrong – I didn’t want to go out.. I just craved some company!
I was delighted when I saw my perfect sisters car enter – she arrived a little while after my super mum.
It felt like the house was all bright and shiny again. I wasn’t going to do anything special with them but I just felt… content!