Day 10: #60happydays

Today we got our final confirmation for our Zanzibar Holiday! My perfect sister, my best friend, her happy go lucky no nonsense sister and I. The perfect combination.. I’m most comfortable with these gals so couldn’t be more excited. I know I can be as crazy as I feel in front them and probably get a similar if not exaggerated response!

I was okay about the trip initially but this afternoon my best friend and I, went through half day excursions in Zanzibar (there are some remarkable things to do there), searched online for sand sculptures to make on the beach (not the ordinary, because we’re a crazy bunch) Then we googled pictures of the resort. That got my adrenaline going.

We went and tried on beach dresses and started imagining ourselves in the Bahamas plus taking photos.. As if we needed proof of our insanity! Basically we completely lost the plot ( I’d be surprised if they allowed us on the plane in such a state).. But we are getting there (Zanzibar not Bahamas.. Not yet atleast).. By hook or by crook.

I know if I’m with these naughty angels il have the time of my life! Looking forward to this trip more than anything!