Day 28: #60happydays

Nothing like a great feeling like after a shower! Especially when I wash my hair!

The luke warm water running down my face, the hair covered with lather, the scent of soap on my shoulder..

It’s not like iv had a shower for the first time in my life but I guess after a month of this challenge iv started to notice the small things that can bring a smile to my face and a refreshing shower is one of them!


Day 11: #60happydays

Relaxing while watching TV (my favourite pass-time after sleeping)

Nothing very extra special was coming, the usual daily dramas. It wasn’t like I had a long exhausting day! I was more exhausted just lying on my bed, but evening times with my folks sitting around me all engrossed in their own digital worlds, including me, I felt content in fact a little thankful.. A little happy.
Most of the time we take the small things for granted, I know I usually do, get so worked up in tiny flaws that I forget I have the most wonderful gift in life, a loving family who lets me be me. I owe everything I am to them.

Day 8: #60happydays

Great day today with family. We chatted, we bonded, we shopped, we ate, but sometimes the simplest thing is your moment.

That moment you feel everything is right, it’s all going to be okie, I’m gonna travel to slumberland into a different world and imagine the unimaginable.

I think it’s more special today was because for some reason i’v been tired since I woke up, u know it’s just one of those days.

So off to la la land I go on my favourite red cushion. 💤