Day 25; #60happydays

Today I spent the whole day at home just chilling around and doing nothing (not complaining)
Felt wonderful when the rain started pouring down and I was comfortably snuggling up in my house enjoying some good old fashioned TV!

I really should start doing something with myself 🤔


Day 18; #60happydays

Today was the last day of the conference! Also a happy day because log books finally got signed!!!! Whooppie!!! (I know, who says whoopie, well I do)

My happy moment though came later in the evening as my best friend and I were doing funny snapchats.. It very suddenly and unexpectedly and heavily started to rain for a few minutes! That moment was so picturesque, everything felt so great! The sky looked beautiful, big beautiful drops were falling on the windscreen and smell of rain was mind blowing.. Absolutely loved it!

I don’t feel this pic does justice to what I felt but it’s my best attempt!