Day 23; ​​#60happydays

Day 3 of Zanzibar tour;

Today we started the day at 6:00am for the Dolphin tour and then the stone town tour.

The dolphin tour was amazing.. I was so excited to see my favourite animal and we did.. So well and so clearly, but the sea didn’t do me so well (I felt very sick), I even jumped into the ocean to swim with them (and to relieve my sickness but all I got was some very salty water and blurry vision. Aside from the ride to and fro, and sticky salty hair, I enjoyed seeing the Dolphins very much, jumping and smiling. It was amazing but I think my nauseating self hindered my joy!

Next, the stone town was also quite nice! Buying spices and seeing the town but what got the better of me was the heat.. I could hardly concentrate.. Felt so icky!

The best part of the day was when I jumped into the pool and felt a sudden coolness spread through out my body! My element is definitely chlorinated water!