Day 48; ​​#60happydays

Well, pizza wins again! I thinks the best part of ordering pizza is the receiving part.

My heart flutters when I hear the doorbell ring because I know it’s the delivery boy with the pizza I ordered. Everything I had been imagining was actually becoming reality. I could almost taste it.

It becomes even more special when it’s a very unexpected order. I thought I would have the usual home food (which I don’t mind usually) but there was a spontaneous unfolding in events and voila! We were going to eat pizza.

For a pizza lover like me I felt like I was on cloud nine.


Day 29: #60happydays

It wouldn’t be new for pizza to be my happy moment any other day!

Today I had lunch with the happy folks and we had all sorts of various cuisines but I saved this tiny little piece of pizza for my taste buds to end on a high and I wasn’t let down.

It’s always good to have hearty lunch with people who make you smile and forget all your worries.