Day 60: #60happydays

Today was perfect sisters happy birthday. In my country, this day is always a public holiday, so naturally we were all up till 12:00am to wish and hand over a personal message birthday card.

Little did she know we (super dad, super mum and me) had planned a scavenger hunt the next morning for which she had to be kept outside the house for a while so I could set it up which brought its own set of troubles – but we managed.
She had a fun time with the clues and some funny incidents later managed to finish it with a glowing smile on her face. We all were trilled she enjoyed it.

Later spent the day with yummy italian lunch, a long long bread butter kind of long drive and a soothing cool coffee – all with family.
All in all a gorgeous day ☺️


Day 53: ​​#60happydays

I spent the whole day at home today, it was amazing. I love home so much I never want to leave. There are these posts going around on Facebook saying…

“Stay in your room, Don’t leave the house, Finish all your food… All my childhood punishments have become adult hobbies!”

Well I must say I 2000% agree with that! My favourite hobby is sleeping, I wish it was more productive than just mental peace!

The only thing was, everyone at home was out so I was alone, which I more than enjoyed but as the day was ending I just felt bored, don’t get me wrong – I didn’t want to go out.. I just craved some company!
I was delighted when I saw my perfect sisters car enter – she arrived a little while after my super mum.
It felt like the house was all bright and shiny again. I wasn’t going to do anything special with them but I just felt… content!

Day 10: #60happydays

Today we got our final confirmation for our Zanzibar Holiday! My perfect sister, my best friend, her happy go lucky no nonsense sister and I. The perfect combination.. I’m most comfortable with these gals so couldn’t be more excited. I know I can be as crazy as I feel in front them and probably get a similar if not exaggerated response!

I was okay about the trip initially but this afternoon my best friend and I, went through half day excursions in Zanzibar (there are some remarkable things to do there), searched online for sand sculptures to make on the beach (not the ordinary, because we’re a crazy bunch) Then we googled pictures of the resort. That got my adrenaline going.

We went and tried on beach dresses and started imagining ourselves in the Bahamas plus taking photos.. As if we needed proof of our insanity! Basically we completely lost the plot ( I’d be surprised if they allowed us on the plane in such a state).. But we are getting there (Zanzibar not Bahamas.. Not yet atleast).. By hook or by crook.

I know if I’m with these naughty angels il have the time of my life! Looking forward to this trip more than anything!

Day 5 #60happydays; Today the whole day went by without a noticeable happy moment. I was beginning to get worried i would have cook up some shady explanation for something remotely positive but God works in mysterious ways.

7:00pm : Dinner time and I was hungry.. The super mum and perfect sister were on a war journey of some kind which added more to my nervousness of finding a happy moment (i know very odd to be thinking about this at a time like this but I’m weird like that).

So anyways not very many moments later there was a turn of events and I hear the super mum and the perfect sister giggling in the kitchen. Unexpectedly my heart started to jump a little.. I immediately recognised the feeling.. I knew I was feeling happy.

I ran into the kitchen and was not let down by this scene. Super mum teaching perfect sister how to make dosa’s (South Indian delicacy). I suddenly felt, all will be well.

8:00pm To add to the joy, I finally got my dinner ☺️☺️☺️