Day 55; ​​#60happydays

The morning started early today with an unexpected intense morning of a ward round in NBU.
Was shocked to see the difference in working conditions from my previous workplace to what I’m hopefully putting myself into. Iv been so used to working with hindrances and setbacks and limitations, it was refreshing and a little bit scary to see a world which works so smoothly. I’m sure this new place also has its problems (which I haven’t encountered as yet) but I’m definitely willing to work through them (I think 🤔)

So after the strenuous morning, the best friend and I had a well deserved lunch and drove around with good music (really really good music). It was so good we don’t want to stop driving – but had to because of time. It reminded us of the good times in med school 😌 most certainly an afternoon well spent ☺️