Day 26: Favourite Colour


Iv already made it very evident how fond I am of the extreme colours. Ask anyone who knows me (which aren’t very many people) what the colour black means to.

It’s not about how many clothes I own with this or if I paint my nails this colour. I do experiment with colours quite often.
But it’s about what this colour makes me feel – excited and calm, happy and neutral, bold and invisible, beautiful and like I want to run away from the world – it compliments my every mood – it makes me feel perfect!


Day 24: Love

This word has meanings on so many different levels. I think everyones definition is unique and not by any means incorrect.

In today’s day and age though we confuse love with so many things and complicate it so much we forget how simple and straightforward it actually is.

It’s a very special feeling and I don’t want to dwell into the details but all I know is from the first time you hold your fathers finger to secretly making your mum breakfast for Mother’s Day to helping your grandmother take a supermarket tour to fighting with others because they pushed your sister – to me, ALL are faces of love.

From love for people to love for food to love for your job to love for your hobbies and so much more – love is so pure and happy.

Always remember to love yourself 💖

Day 56: ​​#60happydays

Today my photo challenge and happy moment was connected. With the theme being ‘landscape’ and today being a Saturday – my super really took the task by its horns.

He didn’t leave and stone unturned, any valley unexplored or any building without focus. If it wasn’t for super dad we (my perfect sister and I) would never have managed such amazing clicks. He really is our superhero.

How that not be my happy moment. He drove us around the highs and lows of the city without an ounce of frustration and completely involved in the task and made a daunting piece of work very sweet and simple and enjoyable.

Day 47: ​​#60happydays

My super dad loves cooking, and he’s pretty amazing. I love what he cooks! I think it compliments his (and my) love for food!

His only wish is, I cook something for him, especially me, not anyone else, just me (Iv still got to understand why 🤔). I run away from cooking like a mouse from a cat, it’s not that I don’t know how to, I mean with internet I pretty much manage what I want to, but I don’t feel any relaxation from cooking which my super dad keeps insisting I should feel.

But today, since my mum has what feels like the exam of a lifetime, n I’m sort of like on a break I cooked for my granny and kept a little leftover for my dad.

When I served my dad what I cooked, he was delighted, he was so happy he wondered what did he do to deserve these blessings (he can be a bit dramatic sometimes, I think I take after after him) 🙃
Seeing his happy face made me feel a little glow in my heart.

Day 45: ​​#60happydays

Swimming is my favourite sport. Something about being in the water makes me feel alive. It’s the most amazing element.. Chlorinated Water!

The ocean doesn’t do me so well but a swimming pool, gosh, is the most amazing creation of man kind.

Well this happy moment isn’t so much about the sport of swimming as it is about getting a good deal for a gym (not the state of the art kind) and pool (medium size) membership right near my home, I was delighted!

What used to upset me about swimming was that the pool was too far away and I would eventually get very little time to actually swim. Amongst traffic that could kill you I would be reluctant to take my chances for a dip in the pool.
This place is like my back yard.. Convenient, cozy and not to crowded, just perfect. I wasn’t even asking for much and found a simple and affordable place.

Day 39: ​​#60happydays

Food is a big part of my life! Those who know me, know how much importance food is for me at any given occasion, in any given situation, so it wouldn’t come as a big surprise when food is my happy moment of the day even when I am at ACLS training.
Not that this meal was very exciting, definitely not my taste, quite insipid actually but I was so touched when the lady making this deliberately put some extra thought because I’m vegetarian (along with a few others)
I was deeply deeply humbled by this gesture which made my meal a lot more exciting. Ended with a watermelon piece *not in this picture*

Day 7 : #60happydays

I was at a restaurant, sitting across the table from my folks having some meaningful conversations and scrumptious food when down popped this sweet little boy from the next table and started dancing (more like skip weirdly from side to side) but without a care in the world. I promise he was the cutest little bundle. He spun around the table, made some eye contact with me and shied away with little sparkle in his eye.

I envied his freedom so much, but couldn’t stop my enjoying it more. If I had the courage I would have joined him in dancing. But for that moment I was happy. Plain and simple materialistic gain, no emotional relation, no strings attached just happy from within.

God bless this little boy.