Day 15; #60happydays

You know how there are those funny tests on Facebook, who’s you secret admirer? Who will you rob a bank with? Which celebrity do you look like?

So on and so forth! I do those test just for fun! Never post them well cause obviously it’s not true and I’m not much of a display everything kind of person. So I just look at it, if it’s funny enough, show my few people personally and forget about it!

So this morning one such test on what my status will be 10years from now.. I clicked again to see what comes up and funnily enough I’m going to meet the now POTUS and the First Lady of USA, obviously they won’t hold those title then but they would still be a power couple then! Read somewhere the First Lady is even more qualified than her husband, isn’t that incredible!

It would be so awesome if I actually do get to meet them one day, share jokes and have a laugh. The thought of it just makes me giggle, I mean we could turn out to be pretty awesome pals right!

*giggle* I know I’m dreaming! But it’s an awesome thought and definitely a good morning!