Day 27: Your Weakness


There could be many other takes on this
– a quality that you find holds you back (impatience, laziness)
– a monetary item that gives you pleasure (my tech items)
– emotional bond with someone special (family)

But for today and always my weakness is good food 🍴, specifically cheese (melted preferably but otherwise also great👌🏼) and Coca Cola (coke) 💖
I could put cheese on rice and enjoy it with immense pleasure or have a chilled Coke with breakfast and dwell on luxuries of life.

Basically if I get Cheese and Coke for all my meals in a day I would not complaint. 😋🧀


Day 47: ​​#60happydays

My super dad loves cooking, and he’s pretty amazing. I love what he cooks! I think it compliments his (and my) love for food!

His only wish is, I cook something for him, especially me, not anyone else, just me (Iv still got to understand why 🤔). I run away from cooking like a mouse from a cat, it’s not that I don’t know how to, I mean with internet I pretty much manage what I want to, but I don’t feel any relaxation from cooking which my super dad keeps insisting I should feel.

But today, since my mum has what feels like the exam of a lifetime, n I’m sort of like on a break I cooked for my granny and kept a little leftover for my dad.

When I served my dad what I cooked, he was delighted, he was so happy he wondered what did he do to deserve these blessings (he can be a bit dramatic sometimes, I think I take after after him) 🙃
Seeing his happy face made me feel a little glow in my heart.

Day 42: ​​#60happydays

Now-a-days whenever I have milkshake (which isn’t that often) I usually have the cappuccino milkshake.

Recently though, while I was experiencing the most dreadful days a girl can experience every month (on my chums), I couldn’t even move, the pain had me in a death grip and only allowed me to breathe periodically, even drugs didn’t help (I mean the doctor prescribed type drugs).

So when my family went for the usual coffee excursions we have every weekend, they brought me my long time and all time favourite vanilla milkshake! It was a welcome surprise amidst all the torture my uterus was giving me!

Day 39: ​​#60happydays

Food is a big part of my life! Those who know me, know how much importance food is for me at any given occasion, in any given situation, so it wouldn’t come as a big surprise when food is my happy moment of the day even when I am at ACLS training.
Not that this meal was very exciting, definitely not my taste, quite insipid actually but I was so touched when the lady making this deliberately put some extra thought because I’m vegetarian (along with a few others)
I was deeply deeply humbled by this gesture which made my meal a lot more exciting. Ended with a watermelon piece *not in this picture*

Day 34: ​​#60happydays

After calling the board a frustrating amount of times, finally got a call back that my registration certificate was ready!

I wasn’t expecting too much, maybe just a printed certificate on plain paper.. but found this very pretty hand written certificate on very high quality paper.
More than that I loved the wordings on the certificate, made it feel so real and me so grown up!

Celebrated with my best friend (we find any reason to eat) with cakes and coffee and masala chips 🍰☕️🍟

Day 33: ​​#60happydays
Sweets are not my thing, well, they haven’t been for more than 8 years now! Actually, I used to love them, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, the whole package and used to burn them out with my activities (mainly swimming) so never really thought much of them..but as my activities reduced and appetite remained the same obviously the inevitable happened. I never imagined myself gaining weight but I did.

So as a way to cut down I stopped everything sweet! More than a year later when I tried having chocolate again I hated it, absolutely detested the taste of anything sweet, in fact it made me nauseous. Iv grown to accept it now and do have it once in a while when I feel REALLY hypoglycaemic but even then I’m unable to have even a whole scoop of ice cream 😱. Tiny velvet cakes are my favourite though 🙃

Iv never been able to lose those extra pounds until now but I think iv managed to stop myself from looking like a sumo wrestler. 😳

The fight between my love for food and losing weight still continues (my laziness doesn’t help the situation either 🤔..I should really do something about that).. and it isn’t about looks, it’s about fitness which I am completely aware of!

Day 4 #60happydays

Today the simplest thing made me happy.. This scrumptious looking blueberry low fat low sugar cheesecake. 
Being a cheesecake fan (thanks to F.R.I.E.N.D.S) I was on the fence about having this cheese cake with purple goo on it. The low fat low sugar was its selling point.. Cause as much as I had a pizza alongside for brunch.. Small little health cheats are a welcome treat and yes I’m calling the healthy thing the cheat because I value food at another level..

I think I had more fun because my partner in crime.. My best friend was having this with me. I think we spend most of our encounters on a lunch table. Hmm..I think we should look for other things to do.