Day 52: ​​#60happydays

One day post my parents wedding anniversary and the house is filled with flowers, it such a beautiful sight I can’t explain. The fragrance was so enticing.

Also it gave me so much positivity as I left home for my first job interview.

I was a nervous wreck and absolutely terrified. My best friend and I, both of us felt like ground beneath us kept moving and heads were on the verge of exploding..
But I felt I was finally doing something right, moving forward and i felt slightly proud.

It’s over now and my fingers are crossed!


Day 46: ​​#60happydays

My super mum has a big flower show coming and without a doubt the whole family has the heeby jeebies.
We are all very nervous and very excited for her and going all out with our suggestions in her preparations

Today we were doing the last minute preps, so whatever I had planned for myself, I bid adieu and very keenly set myself on ‘making leave garland’ mode.

Along with the flower activities I did enjoy spending time and chatting with the super mum and enjoying a cup of black coffee.

I’m hoping and praying all her hard work and planning is rewarded but more so I hope she is happy with the outcome and everything goes as planned.