Day 60: #60happydays

Today was perfect sisters happy birthday. In my country, this day is always a public holiday, so naturally we were all up till 12:00am to wish and hand over a personal message birthday card.

Little did she know we (super dad, super mum and me) had planned a scavenger hunt the next morning for which she had to be kept outside the house for a while so I could set it up which brought its own set of troubles – but we managed.
She had a fun time with the clues and some funny incidents later managed to finish it with a glowing smile on her face. We all were trilled she enjoyed it.

Later spent the day with yummy italian lunch, a long long bread butter kind of long drive and a soothing cool coffee – all with family.
All in all a gorgeous day ☺️


Day 51: ​​#60happydays

Today was my parents 35th wedding anniversary. I know it’s a milestone for them but it feels so big that it felt like my celebration too.

We find out for dinner with family and family like friends for Chinese (not my favourite) but I hadn’t had it in long so I wasn’t complaining.

Also the location was amazing, by the pool with very pretty lighting and with good company we all had a great great time.

I had lot of special moments in the day, from giving my parents their gifts (ones which my perfect sister and I had been thinking about and working on for weeks) to surprising my super mum with flowers to coffee with my parents.

All in all a good day that ended well. It was more of a happy day! (The picture, by the way, if your wondering, is the reflection of the pretty lights in the pool)

Day 35: ​​#60happydays

My perfect sister sent almost a gazillion photos of a day we got dressed up.
I’m not usually a dress up girl, I love my PJs and my messy hair bun’s so obviously this was a special moment.
We had to have a photo session and we always end up doing something weird or the other.
When I saw these photos all together I loved how it reflects our relationship

Sisters by chance, friends by choice !