Day 18: Eyes


Usually, I would have put some some nice eye make up (maybe tried something dramatic) and taken a selfie of my eyes.
For this challenge though, I decided to collage one eye each of all my folks (of course including me).

When I made the collage I absolutely loved the comparison – from size to colour to age.
Each eye was so different yet so similar. Maybe because we belong to same family or basically because that’s the nature of the eye, as a separate entity it’s the same but on each individual it has its own uniqueness, it’s own individuality.


Day 14: Someone you love


It’s really difficult for me chose one single person I love. I’m lucky to have the kind of folks I have. They’re there for me, put my needs before their own and always stand by me. For me to say I love one of them any more than the other would be my biggest crime.

I’m not a very social person and have a few special people in my life, but those people mean the world to me and I’m not joking when I say I could take a bullet for them. (Which puts a lot of pressure on them I guess 😉)

For this challenge though, i picked the perfect sister. It’s crazy how perfect she is. For me she’s like my second mom. She’s been with me through thick and thin, highs and lows. Never given up on me. I know I can count on her for anything and more often than not I always turn to her for advise. She also makes me smile on a very tough day (and even on a very normal day).

She’s absolutely great, you ought to meet her!

Day 29: #60happydays

It wouldn’t be new for pizza to be my happy moment any other day!

Today I had lunch with the happy folks and we had all sorts of various cuisines but I saved this tiny little piece of pizza for my taste buds to end on a high and I wasn’t let down.

It’s always good to have hearty lunch with people who make you smile and forget all your worries.

Day 11: #60happydays

Relaxing while watching TV (my favourite pass-time after sleeping)

Nothing very extra special was coming, the usual daily dramas. It wasn’t like I had a long exhausting day! I was more exhausted just lying on my bed, but evening times with my folks sitting around me all engrossed in their own digital worlds, including me, I felt content in fact a little thankful.. A little happy.
Most of the time we take the small things for granted, I know I usually do, get so worked up in tiny flaws that I forget I have the most wonderful gift in life, a loving family who lets me be me. I owe everything I am to them.

Day 5 #60happydays; Today the whole day went by without a noticeable happy moment. I was beginning to get worried i would have cook up some shady explanation for something remotely positive but God works in mysterious ways.

7:00pm : Dinner time and I was hungry.. The super mum and perfect sister were on a war journey of some kind which added more to my nervousness of finding a happy moment (i know very odd to be thinking about this at a time like this but I’m weird like that).

So anyways not very many moments later there was a turn of events and I hear the super mum and the perfect sister giggling in the kitchen. Unexpectedly my heart started to jump a little.. I immediately recognised the feeling.. I knew I was feeling happy.

I ran into the kitchen and was not let down by this scene. Super mum teaching perfect sister how to make dosa’s (South Indian delicacy). I suddenly felt, all will be well.

8:00pm To add to the joy, I finally got my dinner ☺️☺️☺️