Day 5 #60happydays; Today the whole day went by without a noticeable happy moment. I was beginning to get worried i would have cook up some shady explanation for something remotely positive but God works in mysterious ways.

7:00pm : Dinner time and I was hungry.. The super mum and perfect sister were on a war journey of some kind which added more to my nervousness of finding a happy moment (i know very odd to be thinking about this at a time like this but I’m weird like that).

So anyways not very many moments later there was a turn of events and I hear the super mum and the perfect sister giggling in the kitchen. Unexpectedly my heart started to jump a little.. I immediately recognised the feeling.. I knew I was feeling happy.

I ran into the kitchen and was not let down by this scene. Super mum teaching perfect sister how to make dosa’s (South Indian delicacy). I suddenly felt, all will be well.

8:00pm To add to the joy, I finally got my dinner ☺️☺️☺️