Day 47: ​​#60happydays

My super dad loves cooking, and he’s pretty amazing. I love what he cooks! I think it compliments his (and my) love for food!

His only wish is, I cook something for him, especially me, not anyone else, just me (Iv still got to understand why 🤔). I run away from cooking like a mouse from a cat, it’s not that I don’t know how to, I mean with internet I pretty much manage what I want to, but I don’t feel any relaxation from cooking which my super dad keeps insisting I should feel.

But today, since my mum has what feels like the exam of a lifetime, n I’m sort of like on a break I cooked for my granny and kept a little leftover for my dad.

When I served my dad what I cooked, he was delighted, he was so happy he wondered what did he do to deserve these blessings (he can be a bit dramatic sometimes, I think I take after after him) 🙃
Seeing his happy face made me feel a little glow in my heart.