Day 23: Black and White


Originally the plan was to find something black and white in real but as my mind hit a creative block, I realised the importance of colour in life.

Black and white cinema has its own charm and after colour television we appreciate its vintage nature even more.

So my plan went into the complete opposite direction. I tried to look for the most colourful things but from a black and white point of view and I was amazed at how beautiful they can look. These chrysanthemums in our garden looked absolutely gorgeous.

Some say black and white are very extreme colours and sometimes even boring. I think these colours carry with them a lot of character and beauty. (Also allows your imagination to go wild 😉)


Day 18: Eyes


Usually, I would have put some some nice eye make up (maybe tried something dramatic) and taken a selfie of my eyes.
For this challenge though, I decided to collage one eye each of all my folks (of course including me).

When I made the collage I absolutely loved the comparison – from size to colour to age.
Each eye was so different yet so similar. Maybe because we belong to same family or basically because that’s the nature of the eye, as a separate entity it’s the same but on each individual it has its own uniqueness, it’s own individuality.