Day 60: #60happydays

Today was perfect sisters happy birthday. In my country, this day is always a public holiday, so naturally we were all up till 12:00am to wish and hand over a personal message birthday card.

Little did she know we (super dad, super mum and me) had planned a scavenger hunt the next morning for which she had to be kept outside the house for a while so I could set it up which brought its own set of troubles – but we managed.
She had a fun time with the clues and some funny incidents later managed to finish it with a glowing smile on her face. We all were trilled she enjoyed it.

Later spent the day with yummy italian lunch, a long long bread butter kind of long drive and a soothing cool coffee – all with family.
All in all a gorgeous day ☺️


Day 59: ​​#60happydays

Today I got a job – a call back from an interview I had earlier.
It was a welcome surprise and a little relieving because I wasn’t prepared with anything.

Life has reached a point where everything seems complicated and too much. There is so much uncertainty and so much to do, some times (most of the time) I feel like just switching my brain off and chilling – which is basically what I’m doing.

I’m living in denial because the real world is scary.. But as much as this progress is scary – at least I have something and slowly but surely everything will feel just correct (hoping)

Day 58: ​​#60happydays

Social media has developed so many ways to boost your ego, from which celebrity will share your picture to how much you earn in 15 years.

Today as I woke up and was scrolling aimlessly down one these sites(which has sort of become my morning ritual) I found a quiz that asks you 15 questions and promptly tells you intelligence quotient – now I know these results are far from accurate but reading them still gives me butterflies!

When I was told I was simply a GENIUS, I couldn’t help but glow. 😉 Indeed a very good morning.

Day 57: ​​#60happydays

Today was family lunch outing day. I look forward to this day a lot. I love sitting around a table with my folks and enjoying a good bite.

Today we went to a food court where every one could choose their own favourites – including cuisine.

I choose the mouth watering ‘chole bhature’ (chick pea curry with fried white flour bread). An absolute delicacy in India, almost every kids favourite (including mine – yes I like thinking of myself as a kid most of the time). Usually my first choice is always pizza but iv managed to have that twice in the week so I decided to treat my taste buds to another favourite (which incidentally I haven’t had in a while).

Day 56: ​​#60happydays

Today my photo challenge and happy moment was connected. With the theme being ‘landscape’ and today being a Saturday – my super really took the task by its horns.

He didn’t leave and stone unturned, any valley unexplored or any building without focus. If it wasn’t for super dad we (my perfect sister and I) would never have managed such amazing clicks. He really is our superhero.

How that not be my happy moment. He drove us around the highs and lows of the city without an ounce of frustration and completely involved in the task and made a daunting piece of work very sweet and simple and enjoyable.

Day 55; ​​#60happydays

The morning started early today with an unexpected intense morning of a ward round in NBU.
Was shocked to see the difference in working conditions from my previous workplace to what I’m hopefully putting myself into. Iv been so used to working with hindrances and setbacks and limitations, it was refreshing and a little bit scary to see a world which works so smoothly. I’m sure this new place also has its problems (which I haven’t encountered as yet) but I’m definitely willing to work through them (I think 🤔)

So after the strenuous morning, the best friend and I had a well deserved lunch and drove around with good music (really really good music). It was so good we don’t want to stop driving – but had to because of time. It reminded us of the good times in med school 😌 most certainly an afternoon well spent ☺️

Day 54: ​​#60happydays

I’m not much of a morning person, especially during holidays. Today I woke up slightly earlier than usual because my friends were coming to chill 😌
I had a good shower, so was already in a good mood, then as I walked out of my room a cool breeze hit my face. 🌬

As the wind blew in from the balcony, I realised, we take so much in life for granted, for example the nature – I mean I’m all for man made luxuries but I don’t mind enjoying the 3D worlds magical creations as well, what’s the harm. I just stood in my balcony for a good while before realising I had been standing for too long as per my holiday rules 😉

I like having these small realisations randomly in life – makes me appreciate life a little more and makes me a better person (I think 🤔)