Day 27: Your Weakness


There could be many other takes on this
– a quality that you find holds you back (impatience, laziness)
– a monetary item that gives you pleasure (my tech items)
– emotional bond with someone special (family)

But for today and always my weakness is good food 🍴, specifically cheese (melted preferably but otherwise also greatπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ) and Coca Cola (coke) πŸ’–
I could put cheese on rice and enjoy it with immense pleasure or have a chilled Coke with breakfast and dwell on luxuries of life.

Basically if I get Cheese and Coke for all my meals in a day I would not complaint. πŸ˜‹πŸ§€


Day 26: Favourite Colour


Iv already made it very evident how fond I am of the extreme colours. Ask anyone who knows me (which aren’t very many people) what the colour black means to.

It’s not about how many clothes I own with this or if I paint my nails this colour. I do experiment with colours quite often.
But it’s about what this colour makes me feel – excited and calm, happy and neutral, bold and invisible, beautiful and like I want to run away from the world – it compliments my every mood – it makes me feel perfect!

Day 25: Citrus


The first fruit that came into my mind was orange – very citrus indeed. Lemons and lime were my second choice. I dint even think to go more creative on this one.

Well, honestly… I don’t like fruits so much – so no photo taken would’ve been with passion (ooo passion – is that citrus?)

Anyways – although I’m not such a fruit-y person, I’m all for their juices and lemonade being one my top contenders!
So when by chance my super mum was making ‘nimboo paani’ (lemon water πŸ˜‰)
I felt for someone like me it was more apt to capture that than anything else.

Day 24: Love

This word has meanings on so many different levels. I think everyones definition is unique and not by any means incorrect.

In today’s day and age though we confuse love with so many things and complicate it so much we forget how simple and straightforward it actually is.

It’s a very special feeling and I don’t want to dwell into the details but all I know is from the first time you hold your fathers finger to secretly making your mum breakfast for Mother’s Day to helping your grandmother take a supermarket tour to fighting with others because they pushed your sister – to me, ALL are faces of love.

From love for people to love for food to love for your job to love for your hobbies and so much more – love is so pure and happy.

Always remember to love yourself πŸ’–

Day 23: Black and White


Originally the plan was to find something black and white in real but as my mind hit a creative block, I realised the importance of colour in life.

Black and white cinema has its own charm and after colour television we appreciate its vintage nature even more.

So my plan went into the complete opposite direction. I tried to look for the most colourful things but from a black and white point of view and I was amazed at how beautiful they can look. These chrysanthemums in our garden looked absolutely gorgeous.

Some say black and white are very extreme colours and sometimes even boring. I think these colours carry with them a lot of character and beauty. (Also allows your imagination to go wild πŸ˜‰)

Day 22: Landscape


Today being the beginning of the weekend we spent some quality family time together.
Super dad drove us to all directions of the city so we can get a good shot of a landscape and truly, we found some amazing shots of the country and city skyline.

They say home is where the heart is, as the fruitful excursion was ending and we were headed to our little nest, I manage to catch a few glimpses of wonderful views at sunset time. I decided to would use one of those clicks.

I love the colour of the skies at sunset and how everything becomes so scenic all of a sudden. Although sunsets can be depressing, especially once the sun and its brightness is out of view but it’s also a reminder of the new dawn.

Day 21: Micro (up close)


I think close up photos makes anything look much more different than we usually think about it. For example this light bulb: I usually think of light as a big blob of energy (well I usually don’t think about light that much) but when I took this photo I saw the “big blob of energy” confined in a limited space.

Yet when u switch on the lights the room fills up with the energy that this tiny little space holds – isn’t that amazing!