Day 18; #60happydays

Today was the last day of the conference! Also a happy day because log books finally got signed!!!! Whooppie!!! (I know, who says whoopie, well I do)

My happy moment though came later in the evening as my best friend and I were doing funny snapchats.. It very suddenly and unexpectedly and heavily started to rain for a few minutes! That moment was so picturesque, everything felt so great! The sky looked beautiful, big beautiful drops were falling on the windscreen and smell of rain was mind blowing.. Absolutely loved it!

I don’t feel this pic does justice to what I felt but it’s my best attempt!


Day 17; #60happydays

So as the seminar goes along.. The treats continue! Today I had my favourite.. Italian!!!

Great restaurant! Great pasta! Great pizza!

The sessions today were quite interesting too (Added advantage 😉), learnt many new things and a little motivation, hope that sticks around!

Day 16; #60happydays

So today we start this seminar, which was definitely a hit last year mainly because they gave me different treats everyday along with many many goodies!

So naturally expecting the same this time.

Last year I feel I was still naive but after internship this year I feel I need take some important decision which affect my life so I’m also looking forward to the content of this seminar to help clear my head or maybe show me some direction.

Of Course the treats and goodies are always more than welcome 😉

Day 15; #60happydays

You know how there are those funny tests on Facebook, who’s you secret admirer? Who will you rob a bank with? Which celebrity do you look like?

So on and so forth! I do those test just for fun! Never post them well cause obviously it’s not true and I’m not much of a display everything kind of person. So I just look at it, if it’s funny enough, show my few people personally and forget about it!

So this morning one such test on what my status will be 10years from now.. I clicked again to see what comes up and funnily enough I’m going to meet the now POTUS and the First Lady of USA, obviously they won’t hold those title then but they would still be a power couple then! Read somewhere the First Lady is even more qualified than her husband, isn’t that incredible!

It would be so awesome if I actually do get to meet them one day, share jokes and have a laugh. The thought of it just makes me giggle, I mean we could turn out to be pretty awesome pals right!

*giggle* I know I’m dreaming! But it’s an awesome thought and definitely a good morning!

Day 14: #60happydays

So.. as has already been established from the earlier happy moments! I will be Zanzibar outbound with a bunch of crazy people I absolutely love to death!

Obviously preparations for those are which is getting rid of unsightly hair! After forty minutes of agonising pain and silent tears you get a blissful feeling of being new again!

That’s exactly what I felt today.. NEW!!! And a little more ready for the excursion!

Day 13: #60happydays

Today was the most useless day ever! Went to get my internship logbook cleared from the director of the hospital so I can submit to the ministry and get a move on with my life but found such inefficient, cocky, lazy and incompetent administrative staff who was clearly lying to my face, working at the speed of a tortoise and that too with a smile like she was doing me a favour and not her freaking job! She thinks I have all the time in the world to just drive up there everyday, find out nothing has been done and tolerate her stupid nonsense, all at the same time! The kind of excuses they come up with can make you want to pull your arm out just so you have something to throw at her! (took that one from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but I totally relate to what joey felt!)

Made jokes with the best friend that we would still be travelling to this very same hospital at the age of 60 and probably get the same response!

Just want to feel like iv completed a chapter! It shouldn’t be this hard!

Anyways! So the whole day went with this grumpy mood, i’ve been complaining to anyone who would be interested in listening to this story (which isn’t many people)

But this evening while scrolling through Facebook found this gif that told me I was beautiful and dazzling and cute and all sorts of nice things! I know it’s silly but felt nice! Felt like it was telling ME! I’m well aware those things don’t apply to me but I felt happy in that moment I am those things! Brought a smile to my face.. So that became my today’s happy moment.. My silver lining!

Day 12: #60happydays

This morning I washed my hair and lightly dried for a natural look.

It took me barely 10 minutes and I loved the outcome, more so because I would not have to spend so much time on it if I ever had to repeat it.

More than that though, I love washing my hair. I feel so fresh after it! Like iv lost such a big weight from my head (you would think how dirty is my hair) but not dirt, I feel all my worries, all my negativity has washed away.

I’m like a new person on hair washing day!!