Day 30; #60happydays

It’s labour day and an extra day of the weekend! Obviously spent it with my loved ones, my family. We cherish these moments we spend together, we love them, we connect, we share, we laugh.

Most often I have my patent warm drink vanilla latte or patent cold drink half a cappuccino milkshake, but today I was more excited to have vanilla ice cream. Why you ask!?


1. I had been craving ice cream for a while now.

2. The weather (not as expected) was very warm!

3. The taste of vanilla is refreshing.

4. I could order only 1 scoop which is my perfect size usually

Although half way through I felt I had too much sweet I thoroughly enjoyed myself.. I think good company was a major contributing factor.


Day 29: #60happydays

It wouldn’t be new for pizza to be my happy moment any other day!

Today I had lunch with the happy folks and we had all sorts of various cuisines but I saved this tiny little piece of pizza for my taste buds to end on a high and I wasn’t let down.

It’s always good to have hearty lunch with people who make you smile and forget all your worries.

Day 28: #60happydays

Nothing like a great feeling like after a shower! Especially when I wash my hair!

The luke warm water running down my face, the hair covered with lather, the scent of soap on my shoulder..

It’s not like iv had a shower for the first time in my life but I guess after a month of this challenge iv started to notice the small things that can bring a smile to my face and a refreshing shower is one of them!

Day 27: #60happydays

Well! Iv been looking at many hairstyle videos because they really intrigue me! I love how your hair can fall into a beautiful structure and make ur face look so different and elegant.

Although, the one I wanted to try out wasn’t the elegant beautiful one but was the messy bun!

I was spending my whole day at home, and was tired of being so lifeless, so thought maybe a new hairstyle – simple, messy and just correct for home might do the trick.

Well, I still was bumming around all day so no improvement there but was still very happy with my messy bun effort! 😉

Day 19; #60happydays

Finally, after a loooooooong and frustrating wait we finally managed to clear internship with the hospital and ministry AND board!

Well things at the hospital is what delayed the whole process, I met some very irritating staff who seemed like they were doing me a favour and not there job, and obviously the sup was so busy that it took him a week to get round to signing our documents, but the people we met on our last day were very sweet. They were so polite, smiled, and wished us luck!

Things after the hospital were smooth sailing, well except for one tiny hitch of a payment issue, but thank god for family and family like friends that got sorted without giving me much of a heart attack.

After that, celebratory times were awesome with a chilled afternoon, fully relaxed with the best friend.

All in all a happy day and many moments but the release letter takes the cake! (ooh cake! 🤔)