Day 19: Summertime


Summer usually brings with it a lot of sunshine and happiness. When u think of summer, so many things come to mind, summer holidays, beaches, swimming, sun screen, ice cream, the sun and so many more. 🏖

Where I live, we don’t follow the usual wether patterns, a big part of our year is monsoon 🌧 and we don’t have winters with snow (it can get quite chilly though). 💨
Being near the equator summers or the warmer part of the year can get quite unbearable but lucky for me, my city being on a hill has given us some relief. 🌤

For me, as a kid especially, summer was defined by swimming! I would spend any possible time in chlorinated water. Of course I did have my sunscreens and ice creams but all of it was by the pool. I loved just splashing around and underwater tumble turns. 🏊🏼

Being older now, seasons come and go with a change of my style in clothing 😉


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