Day 50; ​​#60happydays

Half-way through this challenge. Boy I didn’t think I would last this long.
I get bored quite easily and many days have gone where I had a tough time finding a photo but this challenge has become a part of my life now (even though I forget to take the photos many times and come up with very weird things to cover up 🤔)

I’m surprised though, 50 days have gone by and I haven’t dedicated a photo for one my major favourites – Coca Cola.

Well here goes, coke (as I would like to call it) is my happy drink – it makes me happy when I’m low, it keeps me happy when I’m (well) happy, it’s refreshing and it’s tasty.
It’s not like iv not had other drinks, but a cold Coke with lots and lots of ice cubes and slice of lemon – just perfect.


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