Day 13: Reminds you of Childhood


When I think of childhood, a lot of things come to my mind, school, studies, sports, elocution, music but one of the most integral part which is very dear to me is swimming.

My childhood revolved around swimming, my school revolved around it, my extra curricular activities revolved around it, my shopping revolved around it, my eating revolved around it, my holidays revolved around it.
Basically my life was one big swimming pool!

Swimming has taught me a lot of things and I’m glad I had that experience as a child because it makes me the person I am today:

1. Respect. The water (or any element for that matter) can save, as much as it can kill.

2. Nothing is impossible. Water makes you feel like you are floating on the clouds.

3. Push your limit. However many times I beat my record I knew if I trained harder I could beat it again.

4. Appreciation. No matter how good you are, there is always someone better.

5. Strength in unity. Most of my records have been in the relay races.

6. Confidence. Your training is yours and no can take that away.

7. No pain, No gain. Your muscles may be sore for weeks but you can’t move on without it.

8. Passion. It taught me how love something without fear.

9. Pride. The outcome of good performances are well earned.

10. Fun. A little fun hurt nobody!

It broke my heart to leave this sport when academics took the front seat in my life. I may always regret that decision because my reason right now doesn’t seem big enough, but swimming has never left my heart.
I will always be a swimmer!


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