Day 6: Books


This was absolutely not my cup of tea, well 🤔, neither is tea!
I’m not much of a reader, it takes me a while to get through my text books, which sadly when I think about it are my primary reading material!

I’m not a complete loser though, iv spent most of my childhood with my awesome pals Archie, Betty and Veronica. I love them mainly because they are like cartoons on a book and I’m like the biggest cartoon fan! Even today give me an Archie and leave me alone.

For then, I thank the perfect sister to introduce me to the world of Malory Towers and Naughtiest Girl and Shopaholic. Those series I will always keep close to my heart. She’s a complete book person, I’m amazed at speed she reads. She would finish a book and I’d still be googling the meaning of a word from the second chapter.

For now, sometimes, when iv lost my mind, I do read a little. The best friend also is married to books, I share very little with her in that area, but we imagine ourselves in situations of Bex and Suze (from shopaholic) and it’s actually quite fun.

Oh well, I hope the next challenge is a collection of pizza’s. I’m a bit tired talking about books!


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