Day 33: ​​#60happydays
Sweets are not my thing, well, they haven’t been for more than 8 years now! Actually, I used to love them, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, the whole package and used to burn them out with my activities (mainly swimming) so never really thought much of them..but as my activities reduced and appetite remained the same obviously the inevitable happened. I never imagined myself gaining weight but I did.

So as a way to cut down I stopped everything sweet! More than a year later when I tried having chocolate again I hated it, absolutely detested the taste of anything sweet, in fact it made me nauseous. Iv grown to accept it now and do have it once in a while when I feel REALLY hypoglycaemic but even then I’m unable to have even a whole scoop of ice cream 😱. Tiny velvet cakes are my favourite though 🙃

Iv never been able to lose those extra pounds until now but I think iv managed to stop myself from looking like a sumo wrestler. 😳

The fight between my love for food and losing weight still continues (my laziness doesn’t help the situation either 🤔..I should really do something about that).. and it isn’t about looks, it’s about fitness which I am completely aware of!


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