Day 31; ​​#60happydays
My childhood is filled with very many happy memories thanks to Disney and Pixar. From Cinderella to Snow White to Pocahontas to Lion King to Little Mermaid to Ice Age to Finding Nemo to Inside out, I will be a child at heart and always enjoy these cartoons no matter how many times I watch them.
I sometimes wish life was this animated. Somehow cartoons make happiness wherever they are.
Although being a big cartoon fan I still haven’t been to Disney Land but I know whenever I go it’s going to be very special and I’m glad it’s at an older age so that I can cherish memories till I die.
Anyways, today I went to watch the real life version of one such classic. I’m sure we know im talking about The Jungle Book! I hold Baloo and Bageera very close to my heart, I secretly wish they were my friends, but that’s a story of another lifetime *sigh*. I totally loved this movie, I felt like I was in it, I was scared and sad and happy and thrilled and so many more emotions I can’t describe. Even though many parts were cut from the original cartoon I was still moved and definitely did not want it to end.
I highly recommend watching it just for the adrenaline rush.
I’m going to go watch the cartoon version again!


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