Day 13: #60happydays

Today was the most useless day ever! Went to get my internship logbook cleared from the director of the hospital so I can submit to the ministry and get a move on with my life but found such inefficient, cocky, lazy and incompetent administrative staff who was clearly lying to my face, working at the speed of a tortoise and that too with a smile like she was doing me a favour and not her freaking job! She thinks I have all the time in the world to just drive up there everyday, find out nothing has been done and tolerate her stupid nonsense, all at the same time! The kind of excuses they come up with can make you want to pull your arm out just so you have something to throw at her! (took that one from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but I totally relate to what joey felt!)

Made jokes with the best friend that we would still be travelling to this very same hospital at the age of 60 and probably get the same response!

Just want to feel like iv completed a chapter! It shouldn’t be this hard!

Anyways! So the whole day went with this grumpy mood, i’ve been complaining to anyone who would be interested in listening to this story (which isn’t many people)

But this evening while scrolling through Facebook found this gif that told me I was beautiful and dazzling and cute and all sorts of nice things! I know it’s silly but felt nice! Felt like it was telling ME! I’m well aware those things don’t apply to me but I felt happy in that moment I am those things! Brought a smile to my face.. So that became my today’s happy moment.. My silver lining!


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