Day 2 #60happydays; My happy for today! Finally getting somewhere with my paediatric internship logbook. Not just anywhere, getting the whole thing sorted.

While getting it signed I think I enjoyed the response of my seniors the most. They were so sweet. So energetic. So enthusiastic. So positive. So encouraging. Honestly, the much needed motivation and reassurance for the future.

While doing the rotation, I thought to myself not once but several times.. What difference am I making, am I really working hard enough..and I guess that’s the story of my life (insecurity everywhere)..but when you see their’s nice to know you’re appreciated.

It’s like an unexpected cold breeze on hot sunny day. As quick as it comes, disappears even faster.

So yes I’m happy that iv completed the logbook but I’m overjoyed that I made a difference. Il be remembered for something good.

They all gave me blessings and good wishes for the future which I will hold onto forever.


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