Today I start the #60happydays challenge. Although I wonder why would you challenge someone to be happy?! 😕 But then I think, in this fast paced world, maybe we need something like this. Something to tell us, dude ur happy, notice it and while your at it why not click a picture.. That’s the challenge!!!! Who knows.. One day when you’re really bummed these tiny little master pieces will make you smile and’s not that tough sweetheart, it’s not that tough.

So the day went by great, just as I would enjoy any Sunday. Watched a refreshing movie, had scrumptious pizza for lunch, went for a relaxing long drive with the family, indulged in a frappucino, watched or more like followed a thriller cricket match(but my team lost) 😞 all things were fun, but I don’t know why dint feel like capturing anything. It not like I wasn’t happy. I was. I was satisfied. Content.

When I finished this level of candy crush I don’t know why, my heart skipped a little. Felt excited to finally get off this level which seemed like Everest. If u knew me, you would know Everest isn’t my cup of tea, but I was so excited to start something new.

You would think why do I give this game so much importance, it’s not like I was sad I couldn’t do the level but every time I move onto a new level it gives me a new level of high, which is precisely why I play it. For those little moments of happiness. Being a Gemini I get bored too easily, so this game suited my personality almost too well.

What’s your candy crush? What’s your little high? What’s your slice of happiness?


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