Some people might say life sucks or life is full of crap
While other people say life is beautiful or life is full of surprises

I must say, I agree with all those

Life is whatever you think of it..and everything you think of it
Life is what you make it of it and what you say of it.

Live your life with love…

Day 60: #60happydays

Today was perfect sisters happy birthday. In my country, this day is always a public holiday, so naturally we were all up till 12:00am to wish and hand over a personal message birthday card.

Little did she know we (super dad, super mum and me) had planned a scavenger hunt the next morning for which she had to be kept outside the house for a while so I could set it up which brought its own set of troubles – but we managed.
She had a fun time with the clues and some funny incidents later managed to finish it with a glowing smile on her face. We all were trilled she enjoyed it.

Later spent the day with yummy italian lunch, a long long bread butter kind of long drive and a soothing cool coffee – all with family.
All in all a gorgeous day ☺️

Day 59: ​​#60happydays

Today I got a job – a call back from an interview I had earlier.
It was a welcome surprise and a little relieving because I wasn’t prepared with anything.

Life has reached a point where everything seems complicated and too much. There is so much uncertainty and so much to do, some times (most of the time) I feel like just switching my brain off and chilling – which is basically what I’m doing.

I’m living in denial because the real world is scary.. But as much as this progress is scary – at least I have something and slowly but surely everything will feel just correct (hoping)

Day 27: Your Weakness


There could be many other takes on this
– a quality that you find holds you back (impatience, laziness)
– a monetary item that gives you pleasure (my tech items)
– emotional bond with someone special (family)

But for today and always my weakness is good food 🍴, specifically cheese (melted preferably but otherwise also great👌🏼) and Coca Cola (coke) 💖
I could put cheese on rice and enjoy it with immense pleasure or have a chilled Coke with breakfast and dwell on luxuries of life.

Basically if I get Cheese and Coke for all my meals in a day I would not complaint. 😋🧀

Day 26: Favourite Colour


Iv already made it very evident how fond I am of the extreme colours. Ask anyone who knows me (which aren’t very many people) what the colour black means to.

It’s not about how many clothes I own with this or if I paint my nails this colour. I do experiment with colours quite often.
But it’s about what this colour makes me feel – excited and calm, happy and neutral, bold and invisible, beautiful and like I want to run away from the world – it compliments my every mood – it makes me feel perfect!

Day 25: Citrus


The first fruit that came into my mind was orange – very citrus indeed. Lemons and lime were my second choice. I dint even think to go more creative on this one.

Well, honestly… I don’t like fruits so much – so no photo taken would’ve been with passion (ooo passion – is that citrus?)

Anyways – although I’m not such a fruit-y person, I’m all for their juices and lemonade being one my top contenders!
So when by chance my super mum was making ‘nimboo paani’ (lemon water 😉)
I felt for someone like me it was more apt to capture that than anything else.